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- ​ Accommodation, hot springs and calligraphy experience -

About ​Yado Komachiya

Inn Komachiya", a hot-spring cure in the Tazawako Plateau, Akita Prefecture, Japan
There are many activities around Lake Tazawa, such as skiing, mountain climbing, and SUP.
After having fun to your heart's content, you can relax and heal in a hot spring surrounded

by a forest of beech trees.
The inn also offers a variety of experiences that are not normally available,

such as calligraphy in the great outdoors.


Guest room


We have four completely private rooms available.

Please relax and enjoy the rest of your trip.

We also accept consecutive nights according to your travel plans.


Hot spring


We offer 100% free-flowing hot spring water.

You can enjoy the quality of the hot water itself, which was created by nature.

It will gently heal your body after a full day of enjoyment at Lake Tazawa.


Source name: "Mizusawa Onsen


Spring quality: Salt sulfide spring, sulfur spring


Shared space


Shared space available for guests only.

The kitchen is fully equipped with seasonings, cooking utensils, and tableware.

You can also bring your own food and cook for yourself.

You can also hunt wild vegetables that grow wild near the inn and cook them on the spot. and cook them on the spot.

Calligraphy experience


Experience calligraphy in the great outdoors surrounded by a beech forest.

This plan can be booked separately without an overnight stay.

The calligraphy experience includes a lecture by the innkeeper, who is certified as a master calligrapher.


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We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel.

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